No More Bundle Exec

September 6th 2012 | Tags: programming ruby

Bundler is pretty darn good. Installing all your gems globally sucks. bundle install --path does a great job of fixing that but it means you need to bundle exec any shell commands you want to run, which again sucks. There are lots of attempts to fix this, but they're all fairly convoluted.

I'm a fan of simpler solutions wherever possible. I use zsh as my shell, which has a handler you can hook into if the command you're trying to run is not found. It's a simple matter to hook that into a custom shell script from your ~/.zshrc:

function command_not_found_handler() {
    ~/bin/command-not-found $*

I know bash supports this kind of handler (Ubuntu uses it to provide command helpers for not-yet-installed programs) but I don't know the exact details. Alas, my favorite shell ever, fish, only provides the executable to its corresponding helper, so while it can suggest an alternate command, it can't auto-correct it.

My script happens to be in Ruby, but it could just as easily be a standard shell script as all I'm doing is some file existence tests:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

# ARGV is the entire command we wanted to run, but we
# really only care about the actual executable for fallbacks
command = ARGV.first

def run(cmd)
  $stderr.puts "Running #{cmd.inspect} instead"

when File.exist?("./.bundle/config") && File.exist?("./bin/#{command}")
  run("bundle exec #{ARGV.join(' ')}")

  exit 127

Now, as long as you're being sure to bundle install --binstubs it should Just Work. And because it only functions if you're in a directory that's been bundled, you don't run into the security risks that you would by trying to get ./bin added to your $PATH directly.

Lastly, the case statement instead of an if is a bit redundant in the simple case above, I've actually got a few more filters for things like isolate and git - don't forget to quote anything that might need space literals:

# Paste git repo url to clone it
when command =~ /^git(@|:\/\/).*\.git$/
  run("git clone #{command.inspect}")

# paste compressed url to download+extract it
when command =~ /^(?:ftp|https?):\/\/.+\.t(?:ar\.)?gz$/
  run("curl #{command.inspect} | tar xzv")

when File.exist?("./tmp/isolate/ruby-1.8/bin/#{command}")
  run("rake isolate:sh['#{ARGV.join(' ')}']")

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