Isolating Rails

January 19th 2011 | Tags: rails ruby

Rails 3 is now very friendly with regards to dropping Bundler support, only loading it if it's installed and a Gemfile exists. Since Isolate is so awesome, I thought I'd just drop a quick script in here to convert an existing Rails app to use Isolate instead of Bundler.

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require 'fileutils'"Isolate", 'w') do |isolate|
  File.readlines("Gemfile").each do |line|
    next if line =~ /^\w*#/
    next if line =~ /^source/
    next if line =~ /^\w*$/

    line.sub!(/, :require.*(,|$)/, '\1')
    line.sub!(/^([ \t#]*)group/, '\1environment')
    if line =~ /:git/
      line = "# Don't use git, build it as a gem\n# " + line

    isolate.puts line
end"config/boot.rb", 'a') do |boot|
  boot.puts("require 'isolate/now'")


This should convert an existing Gemfile to an Isolate file, remove the Gemfile (so that rails won't try to load it), and update the app to load Isolate appropriately.

I'm basically only guessing that the group/environment setup is correct, so if anyone has any corrections to this let me know and I'll update it.

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