Two Questions

July 14th 2008 | Tags: ruby

Question #1: Why is Symbol#to_proc so popular?

class Array
  alias old_map map
  def map(method=nil, *args, &blk)
    return old_each(&blk) if block_given?
    old_map do |e|
      e.send(method, *args)

ary = %w(hello world)
puts" ")
puts*, 2).join(" ")
puts, 1, 3).join(" ")

It should be trivial to do this for the other common enumerable methods, the only places I see Symbol#to_proc used, anyway.

I posit that the answer is question 2.

Question #2: Why do I need to do this method hackery in Array instead of Enumerable? I can understand Array having its own definitions of the standard collection methods for performance reasons, but in a properly OO system, that should be transparent to me.

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