Holmes on... software?

1st Apr 2008 | Tags: programming holmes

HGTV in Canada produces a tv show called Holmes on Homes that follows general contractor Mike Holmes as he visits failed renovations, provides commentary on the sorry situation of the work done, and then goes about fixing them.

I was recommended to the series by a friend of mine, who has suggested that the shows and situations very often have a correlation to the world of software development. After seeing the first four episodes, I decided he was right, that all the episodes I’ve seen have direct quotes that are applicable, and that I should start blogging them.

So, consider this the “front page” article on this, I’ll fill in the individual episode links as I get around to them. The list of episodes is just the ones I have available to watch (on DVD or from HGTV) at the moment.

Season One

  1. Additional Grief
  2. Soggy Sorority
  3. Botched Basement
  4. Attica! Attica / Crappy Capping
  5. Flimsy Floor
  6. Kitchen Catastrophe
  7. Window Pain
  8. Faulty Showers
  9. Tiles and Tribulations
  10. Site Unseen
  11. Sweet Home Abandoned
  12. Whole House Disaster

Season Two

  1. Terrible Terrace
  2. Drafty Ducting
  3. Ramp Revamp
  4. Flooded Foundation
  5. Garage Grievance
  6. Lamin-Ain’t
  7. Roof Goof
  8. Floor Fiasco
  9. Doozy Jacuzzi
  10. No Grout About It
  11. Jacking the Box
  12. Access Denied
  13. Hell’s Kitchen
  14. Holmes for the Holidays

Season Five

  • Holmes Inspection
  • Showing the Cracks
  • What a Mesh

Season Six

  • Due Date
  • Frozen Assets
  • Gone to Pot
  • Lack of Truss
  • Clean Slate
  • Completely Incomplete
  • Nashville Kitchen
  • Pasadena 911
  • Shaky Foundation
  • Stone Walled
  • Third Time Lucky

Season Seven

  • Hit the Deck
  • Rocky Reno
  • Paradise Island


  • Lien on Me