Web Hosting

Specifically with an eye for Bridgetown static sites and/or small Rails apps.

  • Render - Static hosting, but also Node/Python/Go/Rust/Ruby/Elixir apps, Postgres, Redis, cron. Everything but cron has a $0 base tier (but Postgres is only free for 90d). TLS support, CDN for assets. Positioning as a better Heroku given the latter is more or less on life-support.
  • Fly - Run anything in a Dockerfile, deploys to multiple geo locations for fast reads, manages a distributed Postgres cluster across those deploy locations. Loves Elixir/Phoenix (employs Chris McCord).
  • Netlify - Static hosting, serverless functions, form submissions. Baseline pricing by “member” feels weird though.
  • Vercel - Static hosting, serverless functions, also with the “per member” pricing.


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Jamie Macey is a senior software engineer with over 15 years experience in the Ruby and Rails ecosystems, largely on the back-end.

Husband, father, gamer, and all-around geek. Ask about my latest 3d print, or toy software project.