Visual Studio Code

Useful extensions:


  • Docker
  • GitHub Codespaces
  • Remote - Containers
  • Remote - SSH
  • Remote - SSH: Editing Configuration


  • ANSI Colors - renders color from eg. log files
  • Excel Viewer - preview for xls and csv to put things in columns
  • GitLens - annotate lines with git info
  • Indent Rainbow - indentation levels get colored for easier scanning
  • Rainbow CSV - colors columns of data


  • Rails Test Runner - hotkeys to run example + run file
  • Ruby
  • Ruby Solargraph
  • VSCode Ruby


  • eslint
  • ruby-rubocop
  • XML Formatter


  • SQLite
  • SQLTools
  • SQLTools Mysql/MariaDB
  • SQLTools PostgreSQL/Redshift
  • SQLTools SQLite

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