Spirit Island

core/earth box: 280x280x75mm branch box: 160x280x50

Island Boards: bounding box: 220x280, complex; 15mm deep

Spirit Boards: 230x153x (24)53mm Invader Board: base: 147x161x8mm branch: 161x210x5mm


  • 153x101x9mm

Cards: Mini: Invader: 44x68x6mm (4mm earth reminders) Normal: 89x64mm Base: 47mm Branch, Promo: 53mm Earth: 59mm

Player Components:

  • 13 presence
  • 6 reminder
  • 3x $3, 5x $1
  • 4 fear
  • 1 beast, 1 disease
  • 1 blight, 6 dahan, 1 city, 1 town
  • 2 invaders (first turn) 90x45x22mm tray is sufficient other ‘default’ tray sizes:
    • 68x90
    • 69x82
    • 69x90

But also don’t forget:

  • additional fear, beast, disease, wilds, unrest, badlands, scenario
  • money
  • elements
  • adversary reminders
  • gameplay pool of dahan, blight, invaders, towns, cities


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