Rubik’s Cube

Via Cedric Beust, circa 2003. Aims to be easy to memorize (few small moves).

Cube handling notes:

  • The cube has three pairs of opposite faces: Top/Bottom, Front/Back, Left/Right. Reorient as needed.
  • Move syntax uses one letter to reference a side, and optional direction marker. For example, T rotates the top face clockwise, T' rotates anticlockwise.

The solve, first few steps left as an exercise to the reader:

  1. Pick a colour to start, this is Top.
  2. Solve top edges.
  3. Solve 3 top corners.
  4. Solve 3 middle edges, using the remaining top corner as a “working” column.
  5. Solve 4th top corner.
  6. Flip the cube, original colour is now Bottom.
  7. Finish middle layer. Align last cube to match front colour and then: Move top front to right front URU'R' U'F'UF Move top front to left front U'L'UL UFU'F'
  8. Orient top edges. Flip front + right: FUR U'R'F' Flip front + back: FRU R'U'F'
  9. Position top edges. Rotate top to try and match two, then, Swap left + back: UR'UUR UR'UR
  10. Position top corners. Sequence leaves back left untouched. Swap front left -> front right -> back right: ULU'R' UL'U'R
  11. Orient top corners. Keep the cube positioned with a consistent side as front, repeat sequence until oriented and then rotate top layer only to bring a different corner to front-right. Parity will fix the rest of the cube when you’re done. Rotate front right: RF'R'F RF'R'F