Custom Insert

Box interior: 256x256mm (approx)

Dominos: (48 king, 48 queen, 12 giant + 17 quest)

  • 79.9mm long
  • 40.3mm short
  • (8) 25.4mm deep

Dispenser then must handle 60 tiles (base + giants), 192mm internal height, plus 10mm to reach underneath. Secondary dispenser for 48 tiles (second base), 155mm + 10mm.

Castle Tiles (9)

  • 40.2x40.2
  • (4) 13mm deep

Buildings (32 queen)

  • 40.1x40.1mm
  • (8) 17.6mm deep

Towers (15 queen)

  • 10.1mm front-back
  • 15mm base, 12.7mm top (can alternate for slightly tighter packing)
  • 24.8mm high


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