A Mentoring cycle

Via The Coaching Habit: 7 Great Questions

1: The Kickstart Question – What’s on your mind? This is how we begin our conversations in a way that is focused and open.

2: The AWE Question – And what else? Asking this question, “And what else?” works as a self-management tool for us as the coach and as a boost for the other six questions.

3: The Focus Question – What’s the real challenge here for you? As the question implies, this question begins to funnel the topic in a way that focuses the conversation. It works in conjunction with the next question.

4: The Foundation Question – What do you want? This question takes us to the heart of the matter so that our attention is on what really matters.

5: The Lazy Question – How can I help? By asking this question, we learn what the person wants our role to be. (e.g., listener, supporter, encourager, etc.)

6: The Strategic Question – If you are saying Yes to this, what are you saying No to? Saying YES more slowly means being willing to stay curious before committing.

7: The Learning Question – What was most useful for you? The Learning Question pairs with the Kickstart Question to make what Stanier calls the Coaching Bookends – ensuring conversations with you are of high value.

A bit more structure


  1. Work to understand and define the mentee’s goals
  2. Ask questions about the big picture
  3. Be consistent in offering your time
  4. Keep an open mind to problem solving
  5. Make Referrals
  6. Remember that it’s not about you
  7. Practice active listening
  8. Maintain confidentiality

Learning Ruby

Paid: The Rails Tutorial book by Michael Hartl has been a long-time great resource, and is up to date with Rails 7.

Free: The Odin Project has a Rails track that starts with a Ruby foundation before moving on to Rails, and then Javascript.