Leveling Up Engineering Teams

At work, looking to build a cross-product engineering group to work at some best-practices for our organization.

Might wind up being a “Developer Experience” team (example).

VP Eng was calling it Community of Practice but said a lot of the stuff online about that term is fluff (example).

Essentially, it’s a group of like-minded, experienced and motivated individuals who get together regularly to help set the standards, solve problems and identify practices or process changes needed to allow the org to get better. There would be a CoP for Product Managers, one for Developers, one for QA, etc.

Some devex links:

  • microsoft
  • Nylar, maybe talking more about “Developer Experience” as an API consumer, rather than internally
  • Humanitec is a bit fluffy
  • ClarityAI shares some experience
  • Martin Fowler talks about “developer effectiveness” here and optimizing feedback loops, looking at Etsy and Spotify for examples in the wild