iOS E-Reader Apps

All below:

  • OPDS browser with multi-download support
  • Reader w/ Bookmarks, Search, Annotations/Highlights


  • Library
    • Manual archive, tags; auto-collections via file format or author
    • No Series support, no tag sync when importing from OPDS
  • Reader
    • Bottom progress bar breaks up progress per chapter, emphasizes current chapter, shows rough progress through chapter
    • Justified text + auto-hyphenation + small margins make for a pleasant read.


  • OPDS Browser
  • Library
    • Manual “Sets” for books (maybe useful for keeping tech books and novels separate?)
    • OPDS import includes Series and Tag info for filtering
    • Allows sorting by series, and when in “Author” or “Series” sorts indicates the series number
  • Reader
    • Very busy header bar
    • Very fine font size adjustment (with amazing pinch-to-zoom to set it)
    • Vocab
    • Anchor (mark current place for easy return if back-referencing)


  • OPDS Browser
  • Library
    • Imports with series, tags, but frustratingly not number-in-series
  • Reader
    • Awkward settings overlays
    • Deep View (The latter does text analysis for frequent proper nouns, I think by capitalization, which is an amazing quick reference back to when characters are introduced)
    • Image Viewer (pan/zoom on a dedicated view)