Docker Home Lab

Using Portainer

Stacks by category, with services:

  • Portainer
    • Portainer
  • HomeLab
    • pihole or adguard home
      • tailscale (although, possibly this wants to be installed on the host)
      • traefik (DNS -> service ingress, so I don’t need to worry about ports)
      • organizr (common frontend hosting multiple apps, maybe don’t need traefik with it?)
      • grafana (monitoring) (plus data sources: prometheus? more?)
      • watchtower (keeps containers updated, need to pointedly exclude foundryvtt and generally be aware of what should/shouldn’t be safe to eager-upgrade)
  • foundryvtt
    • foundryvtt (local D&D server)
  • media
    • plex-server (hosts video, music)
      • calibre-web (hosts ebooks)
      • kavita (hosts comics)
      • komga (hosts comics)
      • rtorrent-rutorrent (I dislike the web interface, maybe switch out?)
      • lazylibrarian
      • radarr
      • sonarr
      • jackett