Codex Replay Sample

Arbitrary game:

[p1] user zhavier deck Anarchy, Strength, Growth draw Bloodburn, Bombaster, Makeshift Rambaster, Scorch, Bloodrage Ogre

[p2] user Bomber678 deck Future, Peace, Blood draw Plasmodium, Neo Plexus, Nullcraft, Battle Suits, Fading Argonaut

[p1t1] worker Bloodburn summon Bloodrage Ogre patrol leader, Bloodrage Ogre discard 3 draw Charge, Mad Man, Nautical Dog, Pillage, Careless Musketeer

[p2t1] worker Plasmodium summon Fading Argonaut summon Drakk Ramhorn patrol leader, Fading Argonaut patrol elite, Drakk Ramhorn discard 3 draw Temporal Research, Tinkerer, Time Spiral, Forgotten Fighter, Hardened Mox

[p1t2] tech Bird’s Nest, Gunpoint Taxman worker Careless Musketeer summon Rook summon Mad Man build Tech 1 attack Mad Man, Fading Argonaut attack Bloodrage Ogre, Fading Argonaut patrol leader, Rook discard 3 shuffle draw Careless Musketeer, Pillage, Nautical Dog, Mad Man, Charge

[p2t2] tech Overeager Cadet, Overeager Cadet worker Time Spiral build Tech 1 summon Hardened Mox patrol leader, Hardened Mox patrol technician, Drakk Ramhorn discard 3 shuffle draw: Battle Suits, Overeager Cadet, Neo Plexus, Fading Argonaut, Tinkerer



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Husband, father, gamer, and all-around geek. Ask about my latest 3d print, or toy software project.